Installing provy

Before installing provy you will need to ensure you have swig installed, as m2crypto needs it. Here is how to install it in some platforms.

Install the OS dependencies


To install swig on a mac, the easiest way is to install using the homebrew package manager (which we will not cover here). After installing it, execute this command:

brew install

Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux

It is just an apt-get install away =)

$ sudo apt-get install swig

Arch Linux

Swig is in the extra repository and can be installed with:

$ sudo pacman -S swig

Other platforms

If your platform is not listed above, try searching in your package manager for swig and install it given the search results.

Install provy

Now that you have swig, installing provy is as easy as:

$ pip install provy

It can be easily installed from source as well, like this:

$ # make sure fabric, jinja2 and m2crypto are installed
$ pip install fabric
$ pip install jinja2
$ pip install m2crypto

$ # now actually installing it
$ git clone
$ python install
$ provy --version

As can be seen above, after being installed a provy command becomes available.

provy is FOSS and you can find its source code at its github page.